February 3, 2021

Get More Sales NOW with What You Already Have!

Everyone wants to grow their business and traditional ad agencies suggest that we keep spending more and more money to acquire new leads. Is this really the best way?? OsteoStrong Austin owner, Deepak Suthar will explore some alternative strategies on how to leverage your existing clients as well as your existing leads to immediately increase revenue by:

Developing a communication strategy to engage your prospects, clients and partners
Where are you capturing contact information?
How are you leveraging the contact information you already have?
Retention – What are you doing to keep what you’ve got?
How are you consistently following up with EVERYONE (past/present/future) in your contact database?

Making your prospect’s journey frictionless:
How to contact you (website, phone, text, email, social)
Setting up appointments without speaking to you
How do you make it simple for them to become a client?

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